Beyonce Grabbed By Overzealous Fan, Keeps Right On Singing

Amanda CrumLife

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Beyonce was nearly pulled into the crowd during a show in Sao Paulo on Sunday night by an overzealous fan, but as soon as security stepped in and got her to safety, she was back on her feet and never missed a beat.

Miss Bey sat down on the stage during the performance to get closer to her fans and was roughly grabbed by a man in the front row, who pulled her across the stage in his excitement. Her security team rushed to her side, pulled her back, and jumped down to correct the fan as Beyonce continued the song, but as it came to an end she can be heard telling the guards to ease up. She later found the man, shook his hand, and told him "I love you too".

Only Queen B could be so cool in the middle of thousands of screaming, adoring, scary fans.

Amanda Crum
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