Beyonce Gets Chic New Blonde Pixie Cut

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Beyonce has changed her look a few times over the years; she's no Madonna, but she's still had various style changes in connection with different albums and tours. Her clothing and hair have gone through several phases, but one thing we haven't seen much from her is a shorter hairstyle. Now, she's rocking a pixie cut in a golden shade that has the web buzzing.

The 31-year old mom of Blue Ivy posted some pics to Instagram showing off the short 'do and looking extremely comfortable in her own skin...something that's required to pull off that look. The singer has said in the past that she's known in her family as a "frustrated hairdresser".

"I'm still always doing something to my hair -- cutting layers, or bleaching it, or taking it upon myself to copy fashionable hairstyles without knowing the necessary techniques," she said. "A couple of weeks ago, I cut my own bangs and put highlights in the front. When my stylist saw me, she was like, 'What did you do?!' I did a pretty good job, but she still had to fix it. We're always joking that I'm a frustrated hairdresser."

She also revealed that as a kid, she lopped off her own hair because she'd seen her mom giving someone extensions and thought she would be able to fix it right away.

"Thankfully I had separated my hair into quarters and I only cut off the front two ponytails. Afterward I had to have really thick bangs for a while," she said.



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