Better Late Than Never: Temple Run Finally Comes To Windows Phone 8

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One of the main obstacles facing Windows Phone is its lack of apps. The situation is getting better with high-profile apps like Pandora finally making the jump to Microsoft's mobile platform, but it's still lacking the high-profile mobile games that Android and iOS players have enjoyed for the past few years.

Engadget reports that the situation is getting better this week as Temple Run will finally make its debut on Windows Phone during the Game Developers Conference. There's no word on whether or not its immensely popular sequel - Temple Run 2 - will make it to the platform.

Alongside Temple Run, Windows Phone will also be getting a few more popular mobile titles, including 6th Planet, Propel Man, Orcs Must Survive, Fling Theory and Ruzzle. With these additions, Microsoft is one step closer to achieving parity with the Apple Appstore and Google Play. It still has a ways to go, however, until it can offer the breadth of content available on competing platforms.

All the above games should be available this week. A quick check of the Windows Phone store reveals that they haven't been released just yet, but it shouldn't be much longer before Windows Phone 8 owners can finally enjoy one of the best mobile games of recent years.

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