Best Laptops: Here Are a Few Suggestions

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As laptops have taken the main stage as the solely used computer in many households, the importance of choosing the right one has grown substantially. Things to consider when purchasing one of the best laptops are its battery life and if it can handle all of your necessary tasks. Here are the top three from a recently chosen lift of the best laptops from

Best Overall Laptop: MacBook Pro 13-inch With Retina Display

This laptop combines power with speed in a lightweight package that gives it the distinguished ranking of being the best laptop overall. It even performs magic tricks, when it appears, suddenly close to $2000 disappear. But with a 4th-generation Intel Core i5 processor and a vivid 2560 X 1600-pixel Retina screen, its worth it.

Best Mainstream Laptop: Lenovo IdeaPad U430 Touch

This notebook is lightweight, has satisfactory battery power the Intel 4th-generation Core i% processor and a touch screen. The screen features vivid images, and the starting price is an affordable $628 to make it the best laptop for the basic use of the majority of folks.

Best Budget Laptop: HP TouchSmart 11z

HP offers the touchscreen in this affordable laptop that starts at $399. It has a respectable six hours of battery life and only weights 3 lbs. This laptop uses Windows 8/8.1 and its appearance gives has an overall attractive bang for its buck.

Other standouts include the still-standing Lenovo Thinkpad for its T440s being the best business laptop, the 15-inch MacBook Pro for its workstation prowess, the Alienware 7 being listed as the best gaming laptop--- even the Acer is included for their luxury Aspire S7. Use this guide as a beginning to determine your next purchase, and feel free to make any suggestions of your own below.

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