Bernie Kosar Blames Offensive Line During DUI Stop

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In either the saddest thing I've heard in quite some time or the most impressively creative, former Cleveland Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar has thrown his offensive line under the bus one final time for his inability to complete a field sobriety test.

According to the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kosar was pulled over early sunday on suspicion of driving under the influence. He was reportedly going 24 miles over the speed limit.

According to a police report, Kosar failed a couple of routine DUI tests, including the alphabet recitation and the eye-tracking test.

It was then that Kosar came up with the funniest/saddest/most creative excuse ever for getting out of a field sobriety test.


He was given several field sobriety tests, according to the report. He was asked to recite the alphabet, which he was unable to do, and was unable to smoothly pursue an object with his eyes, the report said.

The officer asked Kosar if he had any problems that would prevent him from standing on one leg or walking and turning, and Kosar said he's had several surgeries on his knees and ankles because his line couldn't block, the report said.

Ouch. Always the o-line's fault, right?

Kosar wound up refusing a breathalyzer, and as a result was arrested. He posted $500 bond, but his license has been suspended.

Kosar played most of his career with the Cleveland Browns, but also had brief stints with the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Dolphins. In his 12 years in the NFL, Kosar passed for 124 touchdowns and a total of 23,301 yards.

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