Ben & Jerry's Create "30 Rock" Tribute Ice Cream

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A few years ago, it was still possible to be one of those people on the receiving end of an incredulous stare when confronted with the question, "You haven't seen "30 Rock"?!" Now, however--seven seasons into the show--many are familiar with the escapades of Liz Lemon and her coworkers, and the show has garnered so many awards it's near-impossible to think of a time when it will all come to an end. Even if you came into it in the middle of its run, you more than likely loved it and quoted it the next day at work.

Unfortunately for fans, the end is indeed nigh. The show will unveil its finale on Thursday night, and for all those who lament its departure from the NBC lineup, there is a nice little consolation prize: a new flavor of Ben & Jerry's, created especially for the show.

The ice cream, which will be in Ben & Jerry's stores throughout the month of February before heading to grocery stores, is getting a rare spring release in order to be available at the time of the finale. And while creators aren't saying what the flavor is, it's almost guaranteed to be a hit with fans of the show, who just might need a pint of it when they're sitting on the couch in sweats, reliving their favorite moments on DVD.

Amanda Crum
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