Ben Affleck Slavery Scandal Didn't Prevent "Finding Your Roots" from Airing New Season

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Ben Affleck caused a big stink for the PBS genealogy series Finding Your Roots, when he insisted upon the episode that featured him being scrubbed after it was determined his ancestors once owned slaves.

Even Ben Affleck couldn't prevent the show's return, however. PBS just announced it will return during both their winter and spring lineups.

This will be the third season of Finding Your Roots, and it will premiere on January 5.

Ben Affleck's request to have the episode in which he was featured scrubbed, was brought to the attention of the media this past May. That was only a month or so before Affleck and wife Jennifer Garner announced they were ending their marriage.

The Finding Your Roots episode featuring Ben Affleck wasn't just scrubbed. It was removed from all forms of distribution. It can't even be found in digital streaming format.

Surely no one wants to admit that their ancestors owned slaves, but many people in the United States can likely say that theirs were slave owners. What makes Ben Affleck so far above this part of history that he wouldn't allow the show to air?

Did Ben Affleck truly believe his fans would think less of him for what his ancestors may have done centuries earlier?

That's rather insulting to his fans--don't you think?

Kimberly Ripley

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