Bella Thorne Covers 'Teen Vogue,' Talks Teen Years

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Bella Thorne may be a teen star, but she's still a teenager. She hasn't grown out of the angst that others her age experience, even though she walks red carpets and stars on the big screen alongside stars like Adam Sandler. It was on the Disney Channel's Shake It Up that Bella Thorne got her start, alongside her BFF Zendaya.

Fans can see Bella Thorne on the cover of April's issue of Teen Vogue, and within its pages she talks about how she's not all that different from other teen girls. At 17, she is definitely growing up, but admits she still has a lot to learn.

She laughed during her interview about something most teen girls face at some point in their lives.

"I've always been flat-chested. It is only this year, at 17, that I started to develop boobs. I mean, finally!" she said.

At one point she was so flat-chested that someone in wardrobe got her to stuff her bra.

"I was working on a film, and they wanted me to look older. The wardrobe person was like, 'Put padding in your bra.' I'm walking on set. The director picked something off the ground and--in front of everyone--he goes, 'I think this fell out.' I was mortified. It was literally a pad from my bra."

Bella Thorne also dished about the excitement of meeting Mark Wahlberg.

"I was at a movie premiere, and Mark Wahlberg came up to me. He was like, 'I'm so sorry to bug you. I feel so bad.' I was like, 'Oh, my God! Mark Wahlberg! Of course I will take a photo with your daughter.' I mean, why wouldn't I? And let me tell you--he's beautiful no matter what he does."

Probably the most important thing Bella Thorne said during her interview is something all teens can learn something from. It doesn't matter how famous one is if they remain true to themselves.

“I’m not afraid to be myself. I know that people are looking up to me, but I’m a teenager and I’m still going to make mistakes," the actress said.

Bella Thorne is clearly a very impressive teenager. She no doubt has a limitless future ahead of her. More important than that, however, is her clear view on how and what life should be. And that will carry her much, much farther than any Hollywood career.

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