Beats Music Is Coming 'Within the Next Few Months'

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Beats may be known for their headphones, but soon they want you to know them for their music streaming platform, Beats Music.

President Luke Wood recently told The Next Web that he plans on launching the much-anticipated service "within the next few months." When it launches, it'll be available on the web, iOS, and Android.

We've known Beats Music was coming for some time. Back in July, Beats Electronics acquired streaming music service MOG. Although Beats kept MOG operating as its own entity, there's no doubt that the acquisition hastened the development of Beats Music.

“Beats was never about just headphones. We’ve…expanded the Beats mission to every other link in the music experience chain - speakers, mobile phones, personal computers and automobile sound systems. With MOG, we are adding the best music service to the Beats portfolio for the first truly end-to-end music experience. With their talent and technology, the possibilities around future innovation are endless,” said President and COO Luke Wood after the acquisition.

And apparently, those possibilities include challenging the likes of Spotify, Rdio, Google Play All Access, and more in the increasingly crowded market of streaming music services.

Wood also confirmed to TNW that Beats Music will be heavily focused on specific curation, and advanced personalization.

“We’re talking about real depth of personalization and knowing who I am, who you are, what we’re listening to, what we like, what we’ve listened to before and then offering up music that is highly relevant to our taste profile,” he said.

Basically, it seems as though he envisions Beats Music as a place for users to discover new artists with ease, based on who they are and what they listen to. It's not as though personalized music curation is anything new, but for Beats to stand out they are going to have to do just that - stand out in some way.

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