Bear On A Trampoline: A Redux In Colorado

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What is it with bears climbing trees in populated areas? We may never know, but it makes for some hilarious imagery.

The wildly popular "bear on a trampoline" video that made rounds on YouTube forever came to mind as soon as I saw this photo, taken by a photographer for CU Independent in Colorado. Apparently a young black bear climbed a tree near Williams Village yesterday morning, delaying traffic as wildlife officials gathered around to try and get him down safely.


The bear stayed up in the branches for about two hours before the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Department tranquilized him and caught him on some mats; he was then safely moved to a higher elevation.

The incident comes just weeks after a black bear was found roaming around L.A. and had to be tranquilized after he foraged for food in a suburban neighborhood.

And now, for your enjoyment, Bear On A Trampoline.

Amanda Crum
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