The BBC Hunts For Internet Trolls


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What happens when the BBC tracks down an Internet troll? Pure hilarity.

Now trolling is never nice, but to film the tracking of an Internet troll like it was "To Catch a Predator" is just odd. It’s obvious that trolls use the anonymity of the Internet to attack people they don’t know to make themselves feel superior. It’s the bullying of the Internet era. Does it make it right? No. Does it make entertaining television? It sure does.

Check out the clip from the episode below where they confront the confirmed troll in public as he is getting onto a bus. The reporter tries to convince the man that what he is doing is hurtful to others and the troll just responds, “It ain’t illegal.” That's pure comic gold, dear readers.

We don’t condone trolling at WebProNews, but for it to be taken so seriously just boggles the mind. Enjoy.