BASE Jumper Dies At Zion National Park In Utah

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Another BASE jumper was killed after jumping off from one of the peaks at the Zion National Park in Utah. This is the second BASE jumping fatality recorded in the park.

Zion National Park is Utah’s most popular park, and is known for narrow canyons and sandstone cliffs. Many BASE jumpers visit the park even though BASE jumping is banned there. BASE is an acronym for “building, antenna, span, and earth.” BASE jumpers leap off from high locations with their parachutes including tall buildings, bridges, and cliffs.

On Sunday, a helicopter spotted the unnamed man who was killed. Reports indicate that the body was in a treacherous and steep area where crosswinds are strong. The body has not yet been recovered, and it may take a few days before they get to it. A search team will be dispatched to the area, where rappelling and climbing is required to reach the body’s location. Alyssa Baltrus, the park service spokesperson, also said that they would be using a helicopter if possible.

BASE jumping is an activity that is illegal in all national parks in the United States. However, BASE jumpers still find a way to carry on with their activity in the park without being noticed. Authorities are always on the lookout for BASE jumpers and issue tickets to those who are caught.

The incident is not the first death in the park. Just a month ago, Amber Bellows, 28, was killed when she jumped 2,000 feet from Mount Kinesava in the Zion National Park and her parachute did not open.

BASE jumper Amber Bellows tragically lost her life in February when her parachute failed to open.

Another death was reported on Friday when Kevin Morroun, 35, fell from “The Sweet Spot,” a canyon near Moab. He fell roughly around 400 feet.

Authorities are still waiting for the body to be recovered before releasing a statement and declaring name of the BASE jumper who died.

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