Bahamas Boat Accident Under Investigation

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Bahamas: Boat accidents are not uncommon even in an idyllic vacation spot like the Bahamas, but one that occurred over Memorial Day weekend left one woman dead and is now being investigated.

Authorities say 25-year old Paloma de Mazieres of Key Biscayne, Florida, was ejected from the boat she was a passenger in on Sunday afternoon when the vessel hit a rock off South Bimini Island. She was later pronounced dead at a medical clinic, although officials haven't released the cause of death. They did say that no one has been arrested at this time, but the accident is under investigation.

The victim's boyfriend, Robert Rico, recently posted a photo of the two of them to his Instagram account, according to NewsMax. Several messages offering condolences have been left on the photo.

Another Memorial Day boating accident left a woman dead and two men critically injured after their vessel hit another in nearby Elliot Key.

In 2012, a disastrous accident left 30 people dead after a boat carrying a group of people from Haiti took on water and capsized. Officials believed the boat was overloaded and couldn't sustain the weight of all the passengers.

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