Baby Thrown From Rolled SUV During Police Chase

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In an incredible story out of Lubbock, Texas, a toddler was thrown from the window of an SUV during a high speed police chase, stood up, and began chasing after the car, which had rolled over and landed upright.

It all began when a young man approached 19-year old Chelsea Betenbough in a parking lot to rob her; she handed over her cash but declined to give him her purse until he waved his gun and threatened to shoot her. He then took off in an SUV, but not before Chelsea noticed the three people waiting for him in the vehicle, along with an 18-month old baby.

"He was getting in the car and I said 'All that with a baby in the back seat?' I was shocked I saw her," Betenbough said.

The young woman alerted police, who found the SUV in no time and proceeded to engage in a high-speed chase with the driver, which ended in a shocking crash when the SUV did a complete flip and ejected the little girl into the street. Video taken from the camera inside the police cruiser shows the vehicle coming very close to rolling over the little girl, who amazingly stands up and starts running after it before one of the suspects jumps out and scoops her up.

The suspects were promptly arrested and the child was taken to the hospital, where it was discovered she'd sustained only minor injuries.

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