Baby in Georgia Dead After Grandparents Leave Him in Hot Car

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A baby in Georgia has died after he was left in a hot car by his grandparents. It is believed his death is accidental.

CNN reports that the child's grandparents were babysitting for the 11-month-old boy while his mom--who works a night shift--was sleeping.

Kyle and Meta Hendershot took the baby, Jaxon, to church in Chickamauga, Georgia on Sunday, along with another adult daughter and another grandchild. When they returned home, the baby was inadvertently left in the car.

When his mother awoke and asked where the baby was, the grandparents realized their mistake.

The mother--an emergency room nurse--tried her best to revive her son, but the baby had been in the car for about three hours in the hot Georgia sun when the mistake was discovered. He was pronounced dead at the hospital a short time later.

Because of the untimely and unattended death, police are investigating, however they have stated there will be no further updates in the case until an autopsy has been completed.

This baby in Georgia is the 19th child within the United States to die from being left inside a hot car in 2015.

No charges have been filed in this case. In 2014 a father from Georgia was charged with felony murder when he left his two-year-old in a hot car while he worked all day in his nearby office. Justin Ross Harris has pleaded not guilty to felony murder charges in the death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris.

The grandparents of this baby in Georgia who died in their car are no doubt grieving horribly and blaming themselves for his death. The child's mother is surely distraught.

While some may say it's inexcusable for something like this to happen, many parents understand how easy it might be for such a mistake to be made.

How sad that a mistakes such as this one cost the life of this 11-month-old Georgia baby.

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