Awkward Meetups In The Nerd World

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Ironman vs. Batman

Ever had that awkward moment where you run into someone like an ex-girlfriend while you are out on a date? Or run into your boss when you are calling in sick? Those kinds of awkward moments are what life is made of. And this set of images falls in line with the UFCF piece that I did a couple days ago. What if 2 characters from fiction met who weren't suppose to meet?

An artist named Berk Senturk from Paris, France has done his best to continue the quest for answers to these questions. He has created several pieces that put together 2 characters that are related in their adventures but not in the same universe. Check out all of his work here and let him know what you think. There are several more pieces, these were just my favorites:

Wolverine vs. Edward Scissor Hands


Marty McFly vs. T800


Ghostbusters vs. Freddy Krueger


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