Audrina Partridge, Kristin Cavallari: New York Fashion Week Sets Stage for Mini 'Hills' Reunion, Partridge Talks Justin Bobby

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Audrina Partridge and Kristin Cavallari have long since walked much different paths, but the former stars of The Hills wound up together at New York Fashion Week on Thursday evening.

Kristin Cavallari presented her new collaboration with designer Chinese Laundry at NYFW, and Audrina Patridge happened to be there, too.

The two ladies posed for several pictures, much to the delight of their fans, on the red carpet. reminds all that Audrina Partridge and Kristin Cavallari weren't always so friendly toward one another. In fact, the two dated the same man--Justin Bobby--or at least they made it look like they both dated him during their time on The Hills.

Audrina Partridge recently told HuffPost Live that Justin Bobby is doing well for himself these days, although he's no longer in show business.

"Justin--I believe he is doing great," Patridge said. "He owns his own hair salon now, and yeah, I think he's doing amazing."

When reminded of Justin Bobby's good looks, Audrina Partridge may have swooned a little.

"Yeah, I remember how hot he was," she said.

While it's unlikely that Audrina Partridge and Kristin Cavallari discussed Justin Bobby during NYFW this past Thursday, it is certainly fun for fans to see the former stars of The Hill together.

Audrina Partridge has made it very clear that there are some former costars she's in contact with, and others--well, not so much. She isn't in touch with Lauren Conrad or Lo Bosworth.

"I talk to Brody, Kristen, Heidi, Stephanie every now and then. I see Frankie out and about," Audrina Partridge said. "If there was a reunion show, I wouldn't be opposed to it. But everybody's life is so different at this point, and it might be hard to do."

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