Aubrey Huff On Temporary Leave For Anxiety

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With 40 million Americans suffering from some form of anxiety disorder, it shouldn't be cause for embarrassment; but when you're in the public eye, things are a little different.

Giants first baseman Aubrey Huff has discovered that firsthand, as he's now on the 15-day disabled list while he deals with some personal issues.

Team manager Bruce Bochy says they've helped arrange for Huff to get treatment for the disorder, which has taken a toll on him recently due to some mistakes on the field and a stressful divorce. He went home to rest on Monday after an embarrassing mistake in Saturday's game against the Mets, accidentally running toward first base instead of second on a double play and costing his team the win.

Huff's teammates say they weren't aware of any problems, as they know him as the laid-back guy who keeps everyone happy in the clubhouse. The news that he's going through some rough times is both a surprise and a cause for worry.

"He seemed normal," fellow first baseman Brandon Belt said. "He didn't mention anything wrong. The team is worried about him. We all texted him to let him know we're here for him if he needs us."

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