AT&T To Provide Wireless Data For Tesla and Audi Vehicles


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AT&T this week announced that it has signed a multi-year agreement with Tesla to provide wireless data for Tesla vehicles. The deal covers current Tesla vehicles such as the Model S as well as future Tesla vehicles.

Tesla is a U.S. automaker known for its premium-priced electric vehicles.

According to AT&T it will be providing data connectivity for many different Tesla systems, such as remote engine diagnostics, telematics, and (of course) in-dash entertainment options such as streaming radio and other apps.

“Tesla’s goal has always been to catalyze the market for electric vehicles for all consumers while providing an exceptional driving experience,” said Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla. “AT&T’s advanced and reliable wireless connectivity will help Tesla continue to deliver a cutting-edge ownership experience.”

In addition to Tesla, AT&T announced this week that it will also be offering to add Audi vehicles to its customers' wireless plans. AT&T customers will soon be able to make Audi's new A3 sedans to their Mobile Share data plans.

Audi's 2015 A3 vehicles will come equipped with 4G LTE capabilities and Audi has announced that it will soon roll out 4G to all of its vehicles. According to the car company, consumers will be able to use AT&T's data to access "Audi connect," which includes navigation, text-to-speech news headlines, and social media alerts. Consumers will also be able to use the connection as a Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing up to eight devices to connect through the car's 4G data.