Telecom Companies Offering Free Communication To Japan


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For those who have friends or family in Japan, this past week has been stressful, and worrisome. Lines of communication have been hard to come by, specifically with calls and text. To help in this regard, AT&T is allowing for wireless, and wireline forms of communication to be free until the end of March.

AT&T has issued a press release, announcing the news. Starting from March 11th, and ending on March 31st, calls and texts from the US to Japan are on the house. Here are a few details from the announcement:

- Text messages to Japan, which originate from a US wireless number are free.

- Wireless customers will receive free international long distance on calls made from US and Puerto Rico to Japan.

- Wireline customers will be comped for 60 minutes of call time. Though it states in the release that users will have to call AT&T to receive credit for the minutes.

The free call time will either show up as no charges, or as credit applied towards the call.

Mark Collins, senior vice president, Voice and Data Products, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets, said this of the initiative, "We want to help our customers connect with loved ones in Japan in anyway we can" he continues, "Connecting with family and friends is most important at times like this- we want to make it as easy and worry free as possible for our customers."

Updated: Verizon has just tweeted their plans to allow free calling to Japan as well.

We're about to announce free calls to Japan from wireless and residential landline phones. Free messaging to Japan too. 12 minutes ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Time Warner Cable has joined the list of telecommunication companies to allow free calls and texts to Japan. They're also a part of a group of carriers which are providing free access to Japan TV as well.