Atomic Wedgie Murder- Not A Joke


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An atomic wedgie murder may sound like the storyline from an episode of Family Guy, but sadly, it's a real case. 33 year old Brad Lee Davis has admitted to giving his stepfather, Denver St. Clair, an atomic wedgie that lead to his death. If you don't know what an atomic wedgie is, it's when a person pulls another person's underwear up their back and over their head.

When Davis pulled St. Clair's underwear over his head, they covered his mouth and nose and suffocated him. When Davis realized that St. Clair was not breathing, he called 911, but St. Clair died before help could arrive.

Davis told investigators that he was mad at his stepfather because he had called is mother a bad name. He also said that he had planned to hurt him as a form of revenge but did not want the assault to go so far that it killed him. A medical examiner was able to determine that St. Clair could have died from either a blunt force trauma or asphyxiation.

Davis and his father got into a physical altercation before the wedgie and police officers found blood on the wall inside the home where the murder occurred.

"The asphyxia is coming from the atomic wedgie," said Lt. Jimmy Brewer. "The gentleman pulled [St. Clair's] underwear up over his head."

Davis is currently being held without bond. His next court hearing is expected to take place on January 22, when the formal charges will be filed.

Image via Wikimedia Commons.