Atlanta High School Shooting: Possible Suspect Questioned

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On Tuesday, five people were shot near Therrell High School in Atlanta. Authorities say that those who were injured are believed to be students at the high school, but no confirmation was announced. According to reports, the injuries were not life threatening, and the five people are now in a stable condition. Names of the victims were not released.

U.S. Marshals and the FBI responded to the incident, which happened at the corner of Panther Trail and Childress Drive.

A few hours after the shooting, the authorities have already started questioning a possible suspect. The statement came from Officer John Chafee, who said in an email that investigators are working on the case and they “are speaking with a possible suspect.”

The shootings happened at around 4 pm. The victims were immediately brought to Grady Memorial Hospital where they were treated for injuries. Out of the five victims, two are still said to be in the hospital. The authorities left the scene of the shooting at about 8 pm.

The FBI is still trying to find out if the shooter is a student at Therrell High School, but the investigators are looking into several leads as well. The motive for the shooting has not been determined yet.

Though the incident did not happen in Therrell High School, the campus was placed on lockdown on the afternoon of the shooting as a precaution for the students who were supposed to be participating in after-school activities.

One of the students of the high school, Hezekiah Bradford, reported that he and his twin brother witnessed a group of over 20 students running. Afterwards, they heard at least five gunshots. The two immediately ran to a gas station located near the school, and asked a woman to call 911 to report the incident.

“I’m worried for some of my friends,” Hezekiah said.

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