Atheist Books Next To Bibles? Could Happen In Georgia's State Parks


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Georgia's state parks are now allowing Bibles to be placed in rental cabins. An atheist group arguing for equal representation is now presenting a plan that would allow them to place books with atheist philosophies in those same cabins next to the Bibles.

The AP reports that David Silverman, president of the American Atheists organization, is now waiting to hear back from the state of Georgia on its plan to place atheist books in cabins. The plan, if approved, would see the group donating several books to state parks. These books will explain atheist philosophy.

According to Silverman, this isn't about competing with Christianity. It's all about fair treatment and allowing multiple viewpoints to be presented:

"We expect fair treatment, we anticipate fair treatment and we look forward to fair treatment. If the state is going to put Bibles in the cabins, they must allow alternate points of view — all alternative points of view without taking sides."

All of this started when an atheist named Ed Buckner was dismayed to find nine Bibles at the cabin he rented. The state promptly removed the books, but soon returned them after the state Attorney General deemed them legal. Afterwards, Governor Nathan Deal said that literature from any religious group was welcome to donate literature.

So now Silverman plays the waiting game as Georgia works on new regulations regarding the distribution of materials. It's likely that Silverman will have his way. A win for him will open the floodgates, however, as other religious groups may be jumping at the bit to put their own books in Georgia's state parks. Visitors may soon even find that their rented cabin has been converted into a library full of religious texts.

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