Ashton Kutcher Melee: Actor Fights Guard Over Fan

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Ashton Kutcher is nothing if not a gentleman towards his fans.

The "Two And A Half Men" star was reportedly enjoying a performance at Stagecoach music festival over the weekend when a fan approached him and asked to shake his hand. When the woman got too close, however, a security guard stepped in and allegedly pushed both the woman and Kutcher, and Kutcher pushed back. Things escalated to a violent shoving match, and the guard tried to eject Kutcher, but the actor left on his own after having friends hold him back.

Kutcher isn't the only star to have issues at a concert; Johnny Depp faced trouble from a fan last spring after the 52-year old woman claimed his bodyguards roughed her up during an Iggy Pop concert. Of course, bodyguards and security guards are usually just doing what is most certainly a tough job, but some fans think they can be overzealous when it comes to a major celebrity.

So far, Kutcher has had no comment on the incident, but he did tweet out several comments about the music at the festival on his Twitter page.

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