Ashton Kutcher As Steve Jobs From the Set of jOBS

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As you've probably heard, there are a couple of Steve Jobs biography movies in the works. One of them is an independent film called jOBS, with the popular Ashton Kutcher playing the role of Apple's now-deceased king. Now, there's a collection of stills from various movie shoots, and much like you might've noticed in the lead image, Kutcher has the young Steve Jobs look down quite well.

Thanks to /Film's efforts, we know have a collection of images from the jOBS movie, but for this post, we'll focus on Kutcher as Jobs, plus one of what looks a young Bill Gates putting a white iPhone in his pocket. Blasphemy aside, the actors certainly do look the part, but don't take my word for it. Here are a few more comparisons of Kutcher and Jobs.

First, Jobs:


Now Kutcher (with Josh Kad as an amazing looking Steve Wozniak):


The Bill Gates lookalike, who, even in /Film's article has yet to be identified. Furthermore, the IMDB listing for jOBS doesn't have an actor credited with the role of Bill Gates, either:


The director is allowing his version of Bill Gates to carry an iPhone? That's silly because they weren't invented yet. Oh, and all that Bill Gates-created-Windows stuff, too. Considering the timeframe, perhaps this would be a little more accurate:


Truth be told, that's probably still too advanced for the era jOBS is trying to capture. In case you're wondering what they're doing with Steve Jobs' girlfriend, Chris-Ann Brennan, you probably won't be disappointed if you're a guy:


For those who may not know, that's Ahna O'Reilly absolutely nailing the look and feel of that particular era. So, does Kutcher look the part of Steve Jobs or does he look like Kelso from the later episodes of That 70s Show, especially when his character grew the mustache?

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