Ashley Wagner Says "You Can't Just Be A Zombie"


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Twenty-two-year-old U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner is a world-reknown athlete who knows how to thrill and entice a crowd. The talented skater coins herself as "Figure skater. Two-time US National Champion. Ice cream enthusiast" on her Twitter account. Wagner recently explained the importance of maintaining a unique balance in order to become a champion capable of performing memorable ice-skating routines. In order to captivate an audience, a skater must adhere to technical knowledge and guidelines as well as showcasing an individual personality. Wagner understands this balance all too well.

In a recent interview Wagner shared her thoughts on figure skating. "It is difficult because in a way to put on a performance you have to be emotional, you can't just be a zombie out there or it will come across that way. It is about finding that happy medium of emoting enough so that the audience can really enjoy your performance and staying technical enough so that you can really just get the job done. The fighting spirit comes out in the pieces of music that I choose. I like to choose stronger pieces of music and honestly I like to become somewhat of a vicious character in my program. These characters that I take on fight for what they want and that's really what I identify with," she said.

Though the Olympics can bring out the competitive nature in athletes, Wagner has learned that the true success of any athlete is achieved when challenging oneself. "In this crazy, crazy world of figure skating it is easy to focus on a name or a target, but when you are going after someone it really only holds you back from what you are capable of yourself. I am focusing on challenging myself and making myself better. I want to put out a program that will do the fighting for me."

Image Via Wikimedia Commons