Ashley Tisdale Makes Time For Friends


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Ashley Tisdale is a busy girl. Not only is she trying to balance her career and fiancé, she is also planning a wedding and preparing for a bachelorette party. Ashley announced her engagement last August and has been planning her wedding for the last few months.

While she hasn’t shared many of the details of her ceremony, she has said that she plans to have a bachelorette party. Ashley’s best friend, Vanessa Hudgens is excited about the bachelorette party and said that it will be the first one she has ever attended.

"I'm just going for the good times," Hudgens said about the party. "It's so exciting. And, it's so crazy because I just think of us as having fun and being silly and the fact that she is getting married, my mind is kind of exploding."

Ashley might be busy with her own life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t take the time to recognize the achievements of her close friends.
She recently watched the movie Neighbors, which stars her friend and previous Disney colleague, Zac Efron. Ashley said that the movie was hilarious and expressed how proud she was of Zac and everything he has accomplished as an actor.

She tweeted about the film and suggested that others go watch it as well.

Ashley is currently working on the television comedy, Young & Hungry. The show is about a rich girl who hires a young blogger to be her personal chef. Ashley produces the show and seems pretty proud of it.

What do you think of Ashley’s busy life and are you excited to learn about the details of her future wedding and bachelorette party?

Image via Wikimedia Commons