Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate Reportedly Get Familiar Careers On "Fuller House"

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Ashley Olsen and her sister Mary-Kate went from being two of the biggest child stars to ever grace a television to designing their own clothing and accessory lines in New York City, and while they reportedly don't have any interest in returning to the set that made them famous when Fuller House hits Netflix, they won't be entirely cut out of the show.

The twin sisters will reportedly not have parts on the series but they will be mentioned by the other characters, and according to Us Weekly, their absence from the storyline will be explained away by Michelle's booming fashion NYC.

There will also allegedly be some references to Michelle's catchphrase on the original show--"You got it, dude!"--in an episode where one of the characters prank calls her in New York, so fans of Full House will undoubtedly have a lot to love about the new series.

The rest of the original cast is on board and have been legitimately excited for the new series, with Candace Cameron gushing about how fun it's been to get to work with Jodie Sweetin again.

“We are having so much fun. I love working with Jodie every day. It’s so great. I don’t think we could have planned it better, asked for anything better. I think it’s exceeding all of our expectations — just the camaraderie on set and the show itself. The writing is really great and funny, and I’m excited for you all to see it. It’s crazy that we get to do this again together,” Candace said.

Me and Uncle J 🙂 @johnstamos

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John Stamos, Dave Coulier, Andrea Barber, Lori Loughlin, and Bob Saget are all set to return to the series, which will focus on Candace Cameron's character DJ and her family.

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