Ashley Madison Offers Reward As Outed Cheaters Search For Relief

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Ashley Madison isn't going to take this lying down. Avid Life Media, the Canadian company that owns Ashley Madison, is offering $500,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest of the hackers that grabbed the personal info of their clientele and have now released that info to the public.

Of course, that's $500,000 in Canadian money. So it's only $377,000 here.

Back in July, when the Impact Team first announced that they had hacked Ashley Madison, they simply asked that the website shut down. The company refused. So the team released the info they had gathered.

Since then, fans have been soiled all over the U.S. and Canada. Maybe if people had better moral upbringing they wouldn't have been on Ashley Madison in the first place. Maybe more like the Duggars?

When the names were first nabbed, a few were leaked to show the Impact Team was serious. One Christian website published a partial list of 5,000 names said to be culled from the larger list.

However, as one commenter on Reddit pointed out, something is amiss with that list.

"I will say that I googled some of the less common names (or those I perceived to be more unique). Hardly any of the search results turned up actual people. I would think that those digitally savvy enough to go looking for an affair on a website would also likely have a Facebook account, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn, etc. 8 out of 10 turned up only around 4 pages of results, with many of them being the names of people deceased LONG ago."

There was hope that the whole ting was a hoax. There was also talk of deliberately releasing fake lists to the public so the real list would not be trusted. Maybe if Josh Duggar had just stuck to his guns and denied the whole thing it might have gone away. It would be his word against hackers. But, no. He 'fessed up and headed to rehab.

It's just this kind of lack of backbone that leaves all those other guys holding the bag.

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