Arrested Development: New Season Coming To Netflix All At Once

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I've been waiting years and years for a new season of Arrested Development. So has everyone I know, of course, but when you love a show this much it becomes a personal thing.

And now, it looks like all of those years of waiting will culminate in one big marathon. Thousands of days of anticipation, probably quenched in a single day.

That's because show creator Mitch Hurwitz has revealed that all 10 episodes of the new season will hit Netflix at the same time. No buildup week-to-week, instead just one amazing shot of Bluth. Hurwitz dropped this little nugget (along with some other new information on the season) at the National Association of Broadcasters convention in Las Vegas.

When we first told you the great news about Arrested Development returning, we mentioned that the structure of the new season would likely shift a bit from what we're used to. Each episode would closely follow a single character:

"We’re basically hoping to do nine or 10 episodes with almost one character per episode, where like the first episode will just be Buster," said Hurwitz.

Apparently, being able to drop all the episodes at once has shifted the structure of the show back to that of seasons past. "That is now kind of evolving into becoming more like the old show again. "There's something exciting about trying to break the form again," he told the convention.

He also said that he would be happy to come back to Netflix for more season following season 4. Production is set to begin this summer, with the season hitting Netflix some time next year. And don't forget, a movie's on the way too.

Oh yeah, and Bob Loblaw is back.

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