Arrested Development Creator: Binge Watching On Netflix Could Make It Less Fun

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Arrested Development's return via Netflix is only days away (it will be available on Sunday, May 26th), and fans who have been waiting for years are ready to dive in.

Netflix's exclusive shows have brought about a new trend of "binge watching" (watching the entire season immediately, as opposed to the traditional one episode per week format), but should we really be doing this to ourselves?

While Arrested Development's new season will indeed be released all at once, the show's creator, Mitch Hurwitz, warns that viewers who choose to watch it this way may miss out on some of the fun. In an interview with Wired, he said:

"I think of it more like writing a mini-series than something [for] binge watching… I think that people do sit down and watch it all at once. Personally, I think [that] will be very fatiguing and will lose some of the fun of being able to mull on it. But I think that with the majority of binge watchers, it’s a modified binge watching, just like the majority of novel readers. You know, you don’t read it all at once. But you are in control of when you feel like going back to it… I personally hope people don’t sit and watch it for, you know, 500 minutes or longer."

Don't underestimate the years of anticipation leading up to this season. Die hard fans who were outraged by the show's original cancellation have had to wade through rumor after rumor about the show's return and a possible movie for a long time. The fact that the show is actually back is still shocking to many. While some may choose to take their time and savor it (leaving some time between episodes), my guess is that many of these fans will want to consume it all as quickly as possible, then of course, consume it over and over again.

That is, if Arrested's return lives up to expectations and the greatness that made fans fall in love with it oh so long ago. We'll find out soon enough.

Read Wired's full interview with Hurwitz here.

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