Arkansas Man Asks Bank Teller To 'Punish' Him, Gets Arrested

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Bank tellers have a pretty routine job. It's always a withdrawal this or deposit that. The highlight of their day must be somebody asking for a loan application. While they may crave excitement, having a customer ask for a withdrawal from the spank bank might be a bit too much.

5 News reports that Drake Parks, 50, of Van Buren was arrested last week after he called a bank teller asking her to "punish" him. In the police report, the punishment in question was a good spanking. Now, it's at this point where you make a joke about masochism, but the full story is a little weirder than that.

You see, Parks was in the bank earlier that day for some regular bank business. At 3:30 p.m., the teller received a call from somebody claiming to be Parks' father who said that he was being an "expletive" and that he needed to be punished. He even offered to pay him $50 for her troubles Parks then got on the phone and asked the teller to do what his father said - punish him.

It's at this point that you'd probably call the cops for two reasons. First, it's a little weird to have somebody ask you for a spanking; and second, it's even weirder when that person is impersonating their father to ask for said spanking.

The teller hung up and called the police. Parks was arrested afterwards. He was charged with harassing communications - a misdemeanor. It's certainly not on the same level as somebody who asks women to pleasure him with cheese, but it's still a little messed up.

Image via Crawford County Jail/5News

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