Arias Jury in Tears During Sentencing Testimony


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After being delayed due to a bomb scare, the sentencing phase of Jodi Arias' trial has begun.

Arias was found guilty last week for the brutal murder of her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander. Alexander's body was found in a shower at his home with a slit throat, nearly 30 stab wounds, and a bullet wound to the head. Now, the jury in Arias' trial will decide whether she will receive the death penalty for her crime.

According to an Associated Press report, the testimony at today's hearing has been very emotional. Alexander's family members told jurors the various ways in which the murder affected their lives, including health problems and nightmares. Some members of the jury were reportedly brought to tears by the family's testimony.

The sentencing will continue on Monday, with witnesses formerly close to Arias expected to provide testimony. The jury will decide, based on Arias' crime, her past, and their own feelings about the case, whether Arias is to die or spend the rest of her life in prison. The prosecution is reportedly arguing that the nature of her crime makes the death penalty the appropriate sentence, while Arias' defense is arguing that she does not deserve to die. Arias stated in an interview shortly after her guilty verdict that she would rather die than serve a life sentence.