Ariana Grande: 'Problem' Result of Hard Work

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Ariana Grande's new single Problem was released on Sunday night and she says it--along with the album featuring it, which will follow in August or September--is the culmination of lots of hard work. This is Grande's sophomore album, and she loves it even more than Yours Truly--her first.

Problem debuted at the Radio Disney Music Awards Sunday, and features Iggy Azalea. Ariana met the rapper at Katy Perry's MTV EMAs after-party last fall.

"I was a fan of hers from when she put Work out," Grande said of Azalea's 2013 single. "I thought she was so sensible and down-to-earth and talented."

Even though Ariana Grande's upcoming album is as-of-yet untitled, she says it will be just as good--if not better--than Yours Truly.

"I'm a workaholic, and a perfectionist," she admits. "It was a very exciting thing for me to all of a sudden have this new mission, to make something as special as Yours Truly, and to put my time and effort into something new and something I want to make just as good, if not better."

"I never thought I'd be able to say this, but I love this [album] five times as much as I love Yours Truly," she adds. "They're different, but I love this one so much more."

Ariana shared some insight into her Problem.

"Problem truly represents the feeling of being absolutely terrified to re-approach a relationship that's gone sour -- but you want to more than anything," says Grande.

She doesn't openly admit, but hints that the song is based on her still-evolving relationship with an ex-boyfriend.

"In the song, it ends on a sappy, negative note, but in [real] life, we're hoping it's going to end on a positive one. I feel like it's all very honest and human," she says.

It seems that problem has turned into a very good one. Ariana's new single has made it all the way to number one.

In addition to Iggy Azalea, Ariana Grande's new album features electronic superstar Zedd.

What do you think of Ariana's Problem? If everyone could have a problem like hers, they'd no doubt count their blessings--and their money, too. Once again, it looks like the former Nickelodeon star is quickly headed for the top of the music charts with an album that is still several months away.

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