Ariana Grande Describes Her Love Life With Big Sean in One Word — 'Happy'

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Ariana Grande took a slight grilling about her love life from Matt Lauer during her appearance on Friday's Today show.

Before performing three songs for the crowd gathered outside Today's studios at Times Square in New York City, the 21-year-old Bang Bang singer answered questions from the morning show host.

When Lauer asked Grande if anyone has captured her attention in Hollywood, presumably as a way to begin a discussion about her relationship with Rapper Big Sean, the worldwide singing sensation remained rather tight-lipped.

"Oh my goodness," said Grande in response to Lauer's question, before firing right back at the inquisitive host, "Has anybody captured your attention?"

"Yeah, I've been married for 15 years!" he replied.

"Same!" Grande joked. "I just haven't told anybody!"

Lauer kept pushing Grande for a response.

"Oh, my goodness! Y'all are putting me on the spot," Grande said. "I'm happy."

There it is, that one word — happy.

We can live with that!

Lauer took a different line of questioning, asking Grande how she stays grounded despite her mega-fame worldwide, especially with her new album, My Everything, topping the charts in over 80 countries.

"I spend a lot of time with my family. I'm very grateful for my fans and everything. It's like a blessing," the singer said. "I think I just have to constantly remind myself how lucky I am to do what I love."

Grande admitted that, like everyone, she has been through struggles but says she has the support of family and friends to tackle whatever comes her way.

"I feel like growing up everybody goes through the same sort of insecurities and things like that. My family really helped me through a lot of that. I know I say that just about with every answer, but staying close with my family and my friends, that really was the most helpful to me," gushed the singer. "It puts things in perspective. It reminds you of what's real and what's nonsense and what not to pay attention to."

Pam Wright