Are You A Clarissa Or A Pete? A 90's Nickelodeon Infographic

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Ah, the 90's. I can barely think of those days without longing for some polka dot bicycle shorts and a baby-doll dress to go over them. Besides the fashion, one of the best things about that era was television; the 90's gave us Seinfeld, some of the best episodes of Roseanne, and, of course, those amazing Nickelodeon shows.

Remember those Saturday afternoons when you'd discover that Nick was showing a marathon of Clarissa Explains It All? Or when you got home from school just in time to catch Salute Your Shorts in its entirety? We also had Are You Afraid Of The Dark? and The Adventures Of Pete And Pete, and don't even get me started on the game shows.

We all had our favorite Nick programming, but now, thanks to an infographic provided by Flavorwire, we can figure out who we have the most in common with from those shows. (Fingers crossed that I'm Clarissa!)


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