Apple's New iOS 9 Requires 6-Digit Passcodes

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If you use TouchID to unlock your iPhone and iPad, the idea of typing in a passcode seems quite Stone Age – but plenty of iOS users still punch in a four-digit passcode every time they unlock their devices. That's about the change.

The new iOS set to debut this fall, iOS 9, is changing your passcode from four digits to six.

According to Apple, this will make it harder for those with bad intentions to access your private info.

"Keeping your devices and Apple ID secure is essential to protecting all the personal information you store with and access through Apple — like your photos, documents, messages, email, and so much more. iOS 9 advances security by strengthening the passcode that protects your devices, and by making it harder for others to get unauthorized access to your Apple ID account. These new security features are easy for you to use. But they make it much harder for anyone else to access your personal information," says Apple.

Your new six-digit codes offer 1 million possible permutations – as opposed to just 10,000 offered by a four-digit code.

Definitely a step up, but not perfect by any means.

Apple is also introducing two-factor authentication with iOS 9.

"A password alone is not always enough to keep your account secure. With two-factor authentication, when you sign in from a new browser or on a new device, you’ll be prompted for a verification code. This code is automatically displayed on your other Apple devices or sent to your phone. Enter the code and you’re quickly signed in — and any unauthorized users are kept out," says the company.

Will a six-digit code be tougher to remember than a four-digit code? Possibly. You can always just use Touch ID in most scenarios, though. Will a six-digit code be more secure than a four-digit code? Yeah, it'll be harder to brute force – unless your passcode is "123456".

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