Apple Updates Its iLife Apps On Mac OS X And iOS

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Apple showed off MacBook Pro, Mac Pro and Mavericks today, but hardware is only as good as its software. To help along with that, Apple also updated its iLife apps for Mac OS X Mavericks and iOS.

The big change to apps this year is that they all support the 64-bit architecture seen in the iPhone 5S. This allows Apple's iOS apps to offer more of the features that have only since been seen in these apps for Mac OS X.

To start off, iPhoto has been updated on both Mac OS X and iOS to be faster. The iPad version of the app also supports the Photo Books feature that was previously only available on Mac OS X. That means iPad users can now create a digital photo book to then have Apple print a physical copy for your coffee table.

The next app shown was iMovie - Apple's simple film editing software. With 64-bit iOS devices, users can now use "desktop class effects" on their mobile devices. You can also use picture-in-picture editing on mobile devices.

Speaking of mobile devices, any footage captured in iMovie on an iPhone or iPad will now be automatically uploaded to iCloud. In short, you can access any video taken on your iOS devices on any other Apple device.

Finally, Garage Band was updated with a new design for both iOS and Mac OS X Pro. It now supports up to 16 tracks on all devices, and 64-bit devices will support up to 32 tracks.

All of these apps will be available today for free as part of the Mac OS X Mavericks update.

[Image: Apple]

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