Apple TV: Full HD, iOS Looking Interface On Updated Device

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The Apple TV is finally getting a long overdue update.

The loveable little hockey puck-esque device will finally start pushing out full 1080p HD. Until now the Apple TV has been stuck at 720p, which might still be considered HD, but in the era of the Blu-Ray disc, it's just not up to snuff with other products currently on the market. Okay, sure the device can handle 1080p, but will any content be in 1080p? Why, yes... yes it will. The device will also allow unlimited streaming of movies you've purchased in the past, via iCloud.

Coming with the new Apple TV is an all new UI, which is getting a total HD overhaul. The new, simplified menu features modern looking icons which will pull in iTunes match, your iCloud items, Photo Stream, and essentially everything you've became accustomed to with the previous Apple TV's.

Basically we're looking at an updated Apple TV, at the same $100 price tag. It'll be on store shelves next week.

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