Apple Stores Begin Receiving Nest Thermostats

IT Management

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The Nest Learning Thermostat has landed at Apple stores and is no ready to be purchased and installed. The revolutionary thermostat was introduced at last years Consumer Electronics Show and features the ability to learn your habits to help you save on electricity and therefore money. Nest has the ability to dynamically learn patterns such as energy use and time frames that you tend to turn up or down the thermostat.

The Nest also features several other great things. Not only does it learn, but it lets you know when you are at peak energy savings with a little leaf. It also can show you, in chart form, your energy use over a period of time. As you change the temperature in your house over several days, it learns your tendencies and will change on the fly based on what you normally do. Nest also has easy access functionality with the ability to access the system over wifi through your computer or a free iPhone or Android app.

Earlier in the year Nest was sued by Honeywell for patent infringement in what is looking to be an ugly fight between the old and established guard, and the new dynamic company trying to get their name out there. Typical dealings in the word of business.

The company also announced that their system will now be available in Canada. Kind of a waste if you ask me, because all they need there is a warmer setting and they are good.