Apple, Samsung Continue to Gobble Up Market Share


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The new ComScore mobile numbers are out today, and it's the same story that consumers have been telling for over one year now.

Apple and Samsung, unsurprisingly, have both gained market share in the U.S. smartphone hardware market. Apple saw a relatively mild rise of 0.3% market share to 39.2% over the past three months, while Samsung continued its incredible consolidation of the Android smartphone market with at 1.7% increase to 23%. Together the two companies are shipping over 62% of smartphones in the U.S. HTC and Motorola, the two Android handset manufacturers with the highest market share behind Samsung, fell 0.6% each, to 8.7% and 7.8% respectively.

On the smartphone OS charts, Android still leads with a majority market share of 52.4%, a 0.7% increase from February. Apple comes next with its 39.2%. BlackBerry is still clinging onto third place in the mobile OS market with 4.8%, a 0.6% decrease in share from three months ago. Microsof's Windows Phone platforms now have only 3% of the U.S. market share, down 0.2%.

comScore May 2013

These numbers are a particularly brutal blow to BlackBerry, which released its BlackBerry 10 OS smartphones earlier this year with the intention of reinvigorating its brand. In addition to its falling market share, the Canadian tech company posted a dismal earnings report this morning, showing that it had an $84 million operating loss during its first quarter. Moreover, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins revealed during today's earnings call that the company has lost 4 million subscribers since the end of the previous quarter.