Apple, RIM, & Android: App Facts [Infographic]

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Welcome to the wonderful and mysterious world of apps. These little guys can be pretty tempting. After all, as the now almost cliche saying goes; there's an app for that. Although, it is true, not all apps are created equal. For instance, RIM offers only about 70,000 apps, but there are almost 6 million downloads per day. BlackBerry fans seem to really love these apps.

In comparison, Google offers more than 400,000 Android apps, but only two paid apps have ever exceeded 500,000 downloads total. Ouch! iOS offers 500,000 apps, but their paid Apps popularity has decreased since last year. Interesting. Many of these statistics seem counterintuitive. Either way, Apple app sales are four times what Android apps are.

Don't let these numbers allow you to jump to conclusions. If you're app-happy you need to investigate this next infographic from, the German BlackBerry site by RIM. It's packed with colorful app facts and speaks the truth about apps in regard to who's making the money and who's downloading these things. Enjoy:

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