Apple Projected iPad Sales at 12M in Q1


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Apple is set to submit is Q1 2012 sales report in a week, and analysts have predicted that the company will post 33 million iPhone sales and 12 million iPad sales. These predictions come from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster, and are a bit off from Wall Street's January-March analysis, at 30.5 and 13 million respectively. Munster also foresees 4.3 million Macs being sold, against 4.4 million suggested by Wall Street.

Apple broke its own sales records with the release of it's new iPad, shipping three million units in 4 days, and Munster says he doesn't think that is prediction of Apple shipping 1 million shy of Wall Street's mark will affect investor confidence. Munster expects Apple's March revenue to hit $38.3 billion, and puts earnings per share of $11.41, in contrast to Wall Street's $36.2 billion in revenue and $9.86 EPS. Apple's trends in growth are described in the chart below:

apples sales

With Apple selling a record 37 million iPhones over the holidays last year, Munster foresees the release of the iPhone 5 as being the next big product launch for the company. The most recent reports claim that the new iPhone device will hit the market some time in October. Apple's TV product was also mentioned as being a big earner, though an Asian research firm recently reported that the iTV isn't expected to be released until some time in 2013.

In related news, last week Munster pointed out that he thinks Apple is set to become the first trillion-dollar company in the world, by 2014.