Apple Never Trademarked 'One More Thing', Apparently

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At big product events, right before unveiling something at the very end, Apple CEOs – first Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook – have used a certain phrase.

You've probably heard of it.

One more thing...

That phrase is pretty much linked to Apple at this point – except not legally.

Patently Apple discovered that the phrase "One More Thing" has recently been patented in the UK – but not by Apple. Apparently, Swiss watchmaker Swatch owns the trademark.

According to the database, Swatch registered the trademark in May of this year.

So, what's Swatch going to do with it? Who knows. Let's cross out fingers for an ad campaign. Or maybe, Swatch just grabbed it to keep Apple from having it. Classic.

Anyway, this begs the question – how the hell did Apple not have that trademarked?

Apple doesn't even have the phrase trademarked in the US. The only live trademark that the USPTO has on record for "One More Thing" belongs to Tucanos Acquisition Company, and was registered in October of 2011.

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