Apple Music Exec Abruptly Leaves Company

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Two month ago, Apple unveiled its long-awaited music streaming platform, Apple Music. Now, one of its top execs is abruptly leaving the company.

Ian Rogers, the once CEO of Beats Music and Apple exec who crafted the Beats 1 "always-on" radio platform has resigned, reports the Financial Times.

Rogers joined Apple alongside Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine when it acquired Beats last year.

According to the Times, Rogers is heading out to work for a "Europe-based company in an unrelated industry." Apparently, this move has surprised everyone at Apple.

Beats 1 radio is a big part of Apple Music's strategy – at least in terms of subscriber acquisition. Apple says it's "not just radio reimagined, it's radio like you've never imagined."

Rogers was responsible for ushering in Zane Lowe, who runs the 24-hour stations with a handful of other DJs. Beats 1 broadcasts at all hours, from locations across the world.

Recently, a study suggested that 48% of people who signed up for an Apple Music free trial had abandoned the service.

Apple issued a rebuttal, saying the study was wrong and 79% of Apple Music users are still using the service.

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