Apple Makes More for Google Than Android

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According to legal documents for its impending hearing with Oracle, Google generates four times more revenue from iPhone than Android.

Between 2008 and 2011, Android made less than $550 million for Google - Apple's iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, which all use Google Maps and search, brought in 4 times as much, in the same time frame.

With about 100 million Android devices activated since the end of 2011, with an average of 850,000 handsets being activated daily, it can be assumed that Google pulls in about $10 per each device annually. Last October, Google CEO Larry Page had stated that the company was “seeing a huge positive revenue impact from mobile, which has grown 2.5 times in the last 12 months to a run rate of over $2.5 billion.”

Page’s comments suggest that a large sum of Google's revenues isn't generated via Android. Google also has a partnership with Apple concerning its maps and search services, which might bring in the lion's share of its $2.5 billion in mobile revenue. Either way, it has been reported that both Android and iOS phones are killing us equally.

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