Apple iPad Event: Infinity Blade Dungeons, Other Games Announced

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During the Apple iPad event, the company took some time out to go over their dedication to gaming on the platform. They said that when iPad users claimed to spend more time gaming on the iPad over their consoles or handheld platforms.

To show their dedication to the platform, three game/app announcements were made today that should stoke the fires of the casual and hardcore gamer.

First up was Namco, they showed off a aerial combat game that might as well be a new Ace Combat game. They said it had console quality visuals with the new retina display helping out a lot.

Apple iPad Event Games

The second app shown off wasn't really a game, but more of a drawing tool. Autodesk showed off Sketchbook for the iPad that promises resolution independent image manipulation and drawing.

Apple iPad Event Games

Up next was Epic Games who announced the third game in the popular Infinity Blade franchise - Infinity Blade: Dungeons. Epic said that it will feature HDR graphics with great lighting. To keep the "new iPad is better than everything else" rhetoric going, Epic said that the new iPad has more memory and screen resolution than either the Xbox 360 or PS3.

[Images courtesy of Endgaget]

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