Apple, Google Continue to Take Market Share From RIM


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Stop me if you've heard this one before. The latest ComScore numbers are out, and it appears that Google and Apple are still draining away RIM's market share in the smartphone market.

The numbers estimate that Google's Android software now runs on 52.2% of U.S. smartphones as of July 2012, up from 50.8% in April of this year. Apple's iOS follows relatively closely, running on over 1/3 of U.S. smartphones (33.4%) in July, up from just under 1/3 (31.4%) in April. Meanwhile, RIM's market share is down to 9.5% from its 11.6% in July.

When the smartphone market is broken down by the brand of smartphone used by Americans, it turns out that Apple is the only OEM to significantly increase its number of subscribers. iPhone users have increased from 14.4% of mobile subscribers in April to 16.3% in July. Samsung, the top U.S. smartphone OEM, managed to stay relatively steady, going from 25.9% in April to 25.6% in July.

Though RIM continues to hemorrhage market share, not all is dire for the company. This week the company announced it had sold 7.4 million BlackBerry devices - far exceeding investor expectations. Though it still lost money in the second quarter of 2012, it lost less than was expected and its number of global subscribers grew to almost 80 million.

Part of the reason RIM was able to exceed investor expectations is that it has been able to successfully market its product in emerging foreign markets for smartphones. Another reason is the massive reorganization the company is currently undergoing, which included a large number of layoffs. The company is banking on next year's release of its BlackBerry 10 OS and phones to boost its sales.

(via Apple Insider)