Apple Event: The Latest iPhone Numbers

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Apple today held its hotly anticipated iPad announcement event. However, before Apple engineers took to the stage to debut the latest hardware and software from the world's biggest tech company, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage, as always, to begin the presentation with some statistics highlighting just how successful Apple is.

The first number thrown out was that 9 million iPhones were sold by the end of the devices' first weekend available. Cook wasn't clear on exactly which weekend this was, but it does seem obvious that both iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C sales were included in this number.

The next number highlighted by Cook was that 64% of iPhone and iPad users are now using iOS 7. He also claimed that 200 million iOS devices were using the new operating system within five days of its official launch.

"It blows away the other guys," said Tim Cook, taking a stab at the heavily split Android OS adoption.

Cook went on to dig deep for his next number, using his time to promote the iTunes Radio. He claimed that the service boasts 20 million "listeners" and that over 1 billion song have been played through the service.

iTunes Radio is dwarfed, however, by the continued success of the Apple App Store. Apple's carefully curated app marketplace now boasts over 1 million apps, and users have made 60 billion "cumulative downloads," though what that means specifically isn't clear. What is clear is that money is flowing through the App Store, with Cook claiming that developers have made over $13 billion through the marketplace. This translates into several billion dollars for Apple through its cut of app purchases.