AP Partners With Livestream On Oscars Red Carpet

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The Associated Press said today it is partnering with Livestream to launch AP Live "Oscars Red Carpet," coverage.

AP Live coverage of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards will feature social media elements, on-demand clips, photos and news.

AP Live is available on a Facebook fan page and syndicated to AP publishers and other distribution channels, including AT&T Entertainment.

On March 7, AP Global Entertainment Editor Alicia Quarles will be reporting live from the red carpet from 6, to 8 p.m. During the awards show and the after-parties, AP reporters will post updates to Twitter and Facebook.


AP Live also allows users to embed video to their Facebook profiles or their blogs. After the Oscars, AP Live will continue to focus on entertainment, featuring daily and weekly celebrity interviews and other content such as movie previews and a look at upcoming summer blockbusters.

"Through this strategic content and platform deal, we have launched the AP Live player which will feature year-round entertainment events coverage and daily live celebrity interviews," said Livestream CEO Max Haot.

"We look forward to supporting AP as they move forward to cultivate their events-based reporting for millions of fans across all screens and platforms."